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Funplace: After Hours

fpah fpah2

Release date: November 8 2022

Single Player


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In Funplace: After Hours, you will be working for a party supply company that is falling apart. There is no room for you to work during the day, so you must work during the night with your manager.

Due to budget cuts, there is little to no electricity and you must navigate the building with a map and flashlight. The only job you have is to make sure no one gets into the building, but what if the threat is already inside with you? An animatronic named Gregory which was built by a mysterious man has been acting strange and following employees around. Your most difficult job will be to defend yourself rather than the building.

Old employees that ended up quitting are said to be slackers because they are found in the morning unconscious with both office doors locked shut. To keep employees moving around the building, your manager set up 2 laptops that have timers on. You will have to go back and forth to stop alarms from going off and letting whatever is in the dark know your location.

Gregory is not the only threat. The building is falling apart and strange creatures are getting in. Each threat has their own unique strategy to hunt you down. If you notice eyes glowing and reflecting at the door, keep the door closed.


Keyboard and mouse:

- Point and click on things using the Left Mouse Button (Left Click).
- Use the flashlight with the Right Mouse Button (Right Click).


- Look around using the Left Analog Stick.
- Open laptops and exit the office using the Bottom Face Button (A, x).
- Use computers and close doors using the Right Trigger (RT, R2).
- Shine the flashlight using the Left Trigger (LT, L2).
- Navigate through rooms and computers with the controller's D-pad.