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Release date: March 29 2024

Single Player


Download the game on Steam

Download the ROMS/CIAs

In POE, Poe wakes up one morning to discover that his father, Bernard, is taking him shopping. An unexpected interuption causes Poe to be left alone, so he makes the decision to just meet his father at the store. On Poe's journey to the store, he is stopped by an employee who leads him to the back while Poe awaits his father. Poe falls down a hole when left alone and is helped by a mysterious stranger.

As Bernard searches around the house for Poe, his attempts to find him are ineffective. Bernard proceeds to expand his search.

Both Bernard and Poe go through countless obstacles in an attempt to find each other. Even when all the odds are against them, they must remain determined and vigilant. In this short, but difficult retro platformer, you must optimize the use of both Bernard and Poe in order to reunite the father and his son.


Keyboard and mouse:

- Move with WASD or the Arrow Keys.
- Button 1 is the Z Key.
- Button 2 is the X Key.


- Move with the Left Analog Stick or the D-pad.
- Button 1 is the Right Face Button (B, o).
- Button 2 is the Bottom Face Button (A, x).

How to play:


- Click the Download button and install the game on Steam.

Nintendo Game Boy (+Color/Advance):

- Cartridges coming soon!

Nintendo 3DS:

- REQUIRED: Due to the close of the Nintendo eShop, a homebrewed 3DS is required!
- Click the Files button and open POE 3DS.png.
- On your 3DS, open your FBI app.
- Go to Remote Install-> Scan QR Code and scan POE 3DS.png.


- Download and install mGBA (or any other gameboy emulator).
- Click the Files button and download poe.gb.
- Drag and drop poe.gb into mGBA (or your emulator of choice).


- Download Delta.
- Tap the Files button and select poe.gb.
- Tap Open in and scroll over to Delta.

Other (Chromebook, etc):

- Go to GameBoy Online.
- Click the Files button and download poe.gb.
- In GameBoy Online, go to File-> Open As-> Local File and open poe.gb.


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